Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday in Parrott_Sunnudagur í Parrott Georgia

Today was a beautiful sunny day in Southeast Georgia, perhaps a little on the cool side for us southerners at 76 degrees.
A perfect day for visiting Parrott, a small town east of Albany where Rita's antiques and estate sales is located.  Rita's estate sales  Such a nice place to visit and browse for unexpected and lovely things; fabulous hospitable women (real southern belles) to see and mingle with.


Nothing says White quite like the Magnolia blossom with its distinct lovely fragrance.  Magnolia trees are most lovely here in May when they bloom with their big white exotic blooms; they fill your senses with their seductive fragrance filled with promise of an eternal bliss.


  1. Thanks, great picks!!!!!!!!!!! LOve the shoes!!!!!

  2. Fallegt, þú ert snillingur Svala mín og hérna kemur fólk og dáist að kortunum þínum. Þetta litablogg þitt er frábært, takk fyrir að fá að fylgjast með.

  3. Takk Svala mín fyrir fallega og flotta bloggið þitt.