Sunday, May 8, 2011


Being a blogger does not come easy to  me; I feel intimidated and unsure of myself when I write in my blog.
Hardly anyone reads my blogs, except for my dear sisters (who would do anything for me), a few relatives, and a handful of other people that I am so grateful to for bothering to comment on my pictures and posts.
So why bother with blogging then?
Because it is a challenge for me to write; I want to become a better writer.                   
I blog because I like to share my views of the world with like minded people.                                          Blogging helps me be a better image maker, and gives me a way to share my images with the world.
Ok, stay focused here...  How can I challenge myself to keep writing and sharing my images on this blog if hardly anyone bothers to read it anyway?
Ok, stay focused here... How can I make sure that I keep up my blogging during times that I do not feel like I have anything to share with the world?

Welcome to:
Day One_ GREEN

Victoria Finlay's book COLOR http://victoriafinlay.com/  offers the history of color through her travels around the world looking for the DNA's of color.
Her book charmingly describes the true stories behind your favorite colors.

I have decided to write about and post images of a specific color each day for 10 days beginning with the color green (kudos to my sister Kristjana).  Just like in the movie JuliaandJulia http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/julieandjulia/
I am going to write about and share this journey through the rainbow of color.

Beginning with the green colored items I found in and around my house the journey begins.

When I had made the decision finding green colored images in my closest proximity was not challenging at all.  

Suddenly many of the things I own looked green and important enough to be documented.

Even my latest art piece had GREEN painted all over it.
Tomorrow - RED


  1. Algjörlega frábært. Hlakka til að fyljast með þessu. Grænn og rauður eru mínir litir.