Thursday, November 10, 2011


My fascination with old dolls and toys continues as my collection expands.
Why discarded and beaten up toys continue to fascinate me is beyond my understanding, but I am certain that there is some deep and dark psychological secret that I have buried deep within my soul behind it.
I just know that there is something about the rustic and worn surfaces of certain toys and dolls that fascinates me and makes me want to have them.
When I photograph these objects I establish a connection with them, they no longer are only dirty and discarded toys; instead they take on a character of sorts that seem to fit right into a narrative that together we create. This connection is fascinating to me and as strange and crazy as it may sound a collaboration of sorts is established between me the photographer and this inanimate object. I am back in the playpen where toys are no longer toys but friends and collaborators that come to life. The strangeness of their appearances adds to the drama and my creative juices begin running.

I am currently working on series with my dolls where they pose as princesses or brides for a portrait decked out with bridal crowns. I have given them names that derive from childhood memories of women back in my town that were considered different in some ways and therefore have held my fascination and admiration through time. I am real excited about this project and following are some of the images that are beginning to take shape. The photographs will be printed in size 20x20 inches.